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The death of a loved, although not usually a common occurrence, is an event that occurs in most people’s lives. A Funeral Director is a Professional event organizer who cares for your loved one and organises the Funeral as requested by, either, the deceased, the next of kin or the Executor.

Here at Burke and Hamilton we pride ourselves on the service we offer; the Care, Dignity and Respect shown to your deceased loved one is second to none; the same Care, Dignity and Respect shown to you the family or Executor, respecting your wishes or those of your loved one in arranging or conducting the Funeral Service.

When you call us as your Funeral Director, brief particulars will be obtained from you over the phone. Arrangements will then be made for a meeting, whether in our office or in the comfort and privacy of your home.

You do need support, so don’t hesitate to phone a family member, friend or Minister to be with you at this very sensitive time.

Our Professional arranging officer will then guide you in the arranging of the Funeral explaining all options available. They will offer you the support and comfort needed at this very sensitive time; they will answer any questions you may have and they will then organize the funeral to comply with your wishes.


Viewing of a deceased loved one is of great benefit in the grieving process. Often families find it very difficult to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Especially, if the death was sudden or the family were not present.

Families often find it very hard to believe their loved one has passed away and a viewing of the deceased can be of great assistance in the grieving process.

The care taken by our staff in the preparation of a loved one for viewing makes this a special time in the funeral process. The elegant way in which a deceased is presented for families to view makes the experience all the more special, allowing the family to move on and accept the loss.

It also affords the family the private time to support each other, comfort one another, say a private farewell or place letters or items in the coffin.

Information Required When arranging a Funeral

• Full name of the deceased
• Address
• Occupation
• Date of Birth
• Place of Birth
• Doctors Name
• Pension Number and Type
• Venue and Place of Marriage (all marriages)
• Age when Married
• Name of Spouse (Maiden)
• Children’s names and dates of birth
• Mothers Full name (Maiden)
• Mothers Occupation
• Fathers Full name
• Fathers Occupation

Further information required relates to the service to be provided. The time and date required; whether a cremation or burial; Church, graveside or chapel service; Clergy or Celebrant; and selection of a coffin or casket. Traditional coffins/caskets available or more personal options are available. See the following website. (www.expressioncoffins.com.au)

All these items will be explained in full by the arranging officer and your wishes noted.

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